Future of Work

Working from home, or Hybrid work = a new paradigm

New tools and technologies are needed to address the needs of our new work ethic

The future of working from home means a lot more video conferences, accompanied with a lack of eye contact, lack of awareness of who is talking to who, and looking at yourself instead of at your colleagues. 3chron is putting you back into a natural conversation by adding 3D holograms and spatial awareness. While others use cartoon avatars or fakes, we’re creating an end-to-end solution utilizing realistic 3D video that lets feel like you’re really there.

Remember this: when you turn to talk to someone, you physically turn your head. That’s real.

How we work will not be the same

Market Opportunity

39% of US workers are claiming that they will quit their job unless allowed to have a flexible work environment.

The biggest companies in the world are investing heavily in the next generation of communications. The 3D Telepresence market has been called the next $1 trillion dollar market. Currently the Video Conferencing market is ~$20-$50b and COVID has accelerated the Work-from-Home paradigm, which offers an additional SOM of >$1b in the USA alone.


Number of minutes spent in on-line meetings globally

Increase in productivity for flexible-hours workers
Percent of communications
is non-verbal
$1T +
Amount of money
spent on business travel
globally (pre COVID-19)